While the shovel will always have its place in the excavating business, the Vac-N-Dig Excavator can dig a typical pothole in an average time of 7-8 minutes in all soil conditions-even rocky Black Hills dirt. (Try that with a shovel!) In addition, the Vac-N-Dig providesMvc003s.jpg greater safety against accidentally striking a fiber optic cable, gas pipeline, electric powerline, or water main that can happen with a backhoe, pick or shovel. With its nondestructive, soft-touch dig, suck-and-seek method of potholing, the Dig-Right Excavator virtually eliminates these costs and delays, increasing profitablility for everyone involved.
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Duffield Construction, Inc. has a reputation in the industry of "getting it right the first time." John Duffield channeled his lifelong passion for digging in the dirt into what would become Duffield Construction, Inc. in 1991. With over 50 years combined experience in the utility construction business, John and his brother Mickey are among the most experienced utility operators in the Midwest. Combining a strong work ethic with a proven track record for getting the job done, John and his crew have the equipment, expertise and experience to get the job done for you.  
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Duffield Construction, Inc. uses the latest in technology. Our Spider Plow is one of only a few in the country and is capable of a wide variety of cable and pipe laying tasks. We also have directional drilling machines, Vac-N-Dig Excavators, and several types of excavating machines.